Italy election: Live updates as Italians choose a new government

Who are the main parties and candidates running?

There are several major parties running, many of which are in coalitions.

The “centre-right” coalition consists of three major parties:

– Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia), headed by Giorgia Meloni

– Northern League (Lega Nord), Matteo Salvini

– Go Italy (Forza Italia), Silvio Berlusconi

The “centre-left” has one major and several minor parties:

– Democratic Party (Partito Democratico), Enrico Letta

– Small parties like More Europe, Greens and Left Alliance, and Civic Commitment.

The populist, syncretic Five Star Movement is running by itself, headed by Giuseppe Conte.

A centrist “Third Pole” is made up of:

– Action (Azione), Carlo Calenda

– Italy Alive (Italia Viva), Matteo Renzi