New Orleans doctor Nick Pappas shares his wacky hand operations on TikTok

An orthopaedic surgeon from New Orleans has began sharing his outrageous operations on social media – and his followers are hooked.

Although most of Dr Nick Pappas’ hand surgical procedures solely final about half-hour, the reminiscences of what he’s seen – every little thing from catfish spines, additional fingers and rings the pores and skin has grown over – final a lifetime.

“I had one man with a snake chew, with a snake chew, which might make the entire hand swell up like a balloon,” the 43-year-old informed SWNS, as reported by the New York Put up.

“He’d killed the snake after it attacked him, and all of the nurses have been freaking out as a result of the man had a snake chew, the container – and the lifeless snake, which he’d introduced with him.”

Dr Pappas stated he as soon as pulled sea urchin spines from a affected person’s hand after the individual fell onto one of many creatures, embedding the spines so far as the bone.

He additionally reported eradicating gangrene-infected fingers, BB gun pellets and electrical wire.

He did say he’s a bit screwed when somebody wants assist with a screw of their hand, as a result of he has to observe a particular protocol earlier than he may even try and dig it out.

“If it’s a screw, I’ve to search out the place it entered and discover the model of screw and take a look at totally different screwdrivers to take away it,” Dr Pappas defined.

“It may be that the pinnacle of the screw is broken, or the screw is caught to the bone, and I’ve to chisel it out of the hand as an alternative. You want the best imaging and the best devices. It may be difficult, and it’s not at all times easy.”

However with regards to gunshots, Dr Pappas stated, more often than not it’s higher to go away the bullets alone or observe them over time – except they’re protruding of the pores and skin, or it’s a full bullet.

“Basically, surgeons don’t take away bullets from the extremities except they’re inflicting ache, are very superficial, are in a joint, or are pushing on a neurovascular construction,” he stated.

“Generally it may be extra dangerous to attempt to take it out than to simply depart it in, so long as it’s not inflicting any points.”

When he’s not rapidly eradicating wacky gadgets from appendages, Dr Pappas turns his consideration to finger amputations and reattachments, which he stated may be “difficult” and time-consuming.

“I did one the place I changed somebody’s thumb with their large toe. It took 12 hours and may be very tough as a result of the scale doesn’t at all times match up,” he stated.

“In the event you mess it up, and the blood vessels don’t work correctly, then it might probably result in a foul final result. Fortunately, this one was profitable.”

And it is by no means a boring day on the workplace.

“I additionally had one which was achieved from a Samurai sword that took off three of his fingers, and it took 10 hours to reattach all of the nerves, the tendons and the bones,” he stated.

This text initially appeared within the New York Put up and was reproduced with permission

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