Opportunities in halal market cited

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AN official has underscored the different “signal of opportunities” in the halal market amid the pandemic.

In a statement, Philippine Economic Zone Authority Investment Promotions Division chief Raison Arobinto said among the effects of the pandemic on the market are “increased food security initiatives, e-commerce delivery and cloud kitchens and healthy functional clean label foods.”

“When we say halal, it’s healthy because halal promotes good health and anything that could harm the body, the health of an individual, is not halal…. Halal is almost synonymous with organic, it does not use hazardous chemicals that will harm the environment, that is why halal is also environment-friendly, it also connotes animal welfare,” Arobinto was quoted as saying.

Arobinto added that opportunities for food products are in the supply chain global shifts as he noted that the global value chain of halal has been changing because of the pandemic.

He also cited the presence of halal cloud kitchens, the food delivery and mobile catering services.

Arobinto said that other “signals of opportunities” are those in banks’ digitalization and domestic tourism boost.

“With social distancing measures in place, e-commerce platforms have flourished across multiple sectors. Innovative ideas were used by businesses in most sectors to adapt and survive, including virtual fittings [fashion], meal kits [food] and virtual tours [travel],” he said.

Arobinto noted that among those that saw an increase during the pandemic are virtual travel and tours, online ticketing and booking, domestic tourism and private transport.

Hotel and large facilities are also doubling as they cater to quarantine centers, Arobinto said.