Personalized Skin Care Apps : Revea 1

Revea, a skincare tech company using cutting-edge science and artificial intelligence to design precision skincare that is formulated just for you, and no one else.

At the Revea lab, technicians use $100,000 worth of equipment to formulate individual skincare for its San Francisco clientele. The brand launches a first-of-its-kind app that brings its clinical diagnostic imaging data to smartphone cameras, allowing anyone with a phone to identify their true skin type and see their skin at its deepest level – according to 40 different skin health parameters, six layers beneath the surface, and 1M+ data points – for free.

Revea’s Hyperspectral tech is like an MRI or X-ray for the skin, measuring how different wavelengths of visible and invisible light penetrate and reflect within the skin. With this, Revea sees concern areas, identifies the root cause, and determines the best ingredients for each individual’s biology to then inform three precision-made formulas — an AM serum, a PM serum and a moisturizer — plus a detailed skin health action plan.