Pinkshift Release New Song ‘in a breath’

Pinkshift have dropped the latest preview of their forthcoming LP Love Me Forever, which is out October 21 via Hopeless Records. It’s called ‘in a breath’, and it follows previous cuts ‘nothing (in my head)’, ‘i’m not crying, you’re crying’, and ‘Get Out’. Check out Sunny Singh’s video for it below.

“‘in a breath’ is from my heart. It’s a song I’ve held on to for years,” said Pinkshift’s Ashrita Kumar, who wrote the track in 2018. “It’s a dive into my core, my greatest hopes, desires, loneliness, traumas, and fears. It’s a song about feeling dissociated from my body and fighting to stay alive despite it. It explores the existence of an impossible reality, contemplates the existence of a god, and contemplates our capacity to love and be loved. It’s about guilt, shame, redemption, and acceptance.”