“Reports about Nothing Phone (1) Lite are fake,” says founder Carl Pei- Technology News, Firstpost

Carl Pei-led Nothing Company launched their first mobile device, the Nothing Phone (1). Months before the actual launch of the smartphone, there was a lot of hype surrounding the device. 

The device was launched in India starting at Rs 32,999. Although there have been some issues around the delivery of the device and the Nothing Phone (1) itself, it would be safe to say that it was, by and large, received well by most tech enthusiasts. So much so, that people have been wishing for a lighter version and cheaper version of the Nothing Phone (1).

As a result, a rumour started going around that Nothing would soon be making the Nothing Phone (1) Lite, a barebones version of the Nothing Phone (1) that would not have the glyph lights and that it would be ready for a launch in India by Diwali this year.

The rumour also claimed that the “Lite” phone in the works will be offered at an affordable price with a starting price of ₹24,999. Another feature that was reportedly removed was wireless charging. 

The Glyph interface and the wireless charging were the two features which were the most popular for the Nothing Phone (1) and separated the device from the rest of the field.

The rumour also added that the “Lite” version would retain the rest of the specifications, such as the display, the processor, and the cameras. The battery was reported to receive an update. It was expected to be powered by a 5,000mAh battery.

Carl Pei took to Twitter to put all speculations at rest and has revealed that all the rumours around Nothing Phone (1) Lite were actually fake news and that they weren’t planning to design or manufacture one.

Normally, tech companies, especially smartphone manufacturers do not respond to rumours or suggestions on social media, irrespective of whether they are true or false. However, Carl Pei had to make this announcement and categorically deny the existence of the Nothing Phone (1) Lite.

It makes sense for Pei to come out and deny the rumours as a device with such a huge price difference has the potential to seriously dent the current sales of the Nothing Phone (1).