Ryan Gosling makes us wish we were in a Barbie World

ACTOR Ryan Gosling will play Ken in the live-action Barbie film coming out July next year. Fans, however, have already been given a sneak peek of the how his character will look.

Warner Brothers Pictures shared an image of Gosling, 41, dressed as Barbie’s beau Ken, complete with bleached-blonde hair, denim on denim, eight-pack abs, and his own ‘Ken’ name on the undies in front of a Pepto-Bismol pink backdrop.

Greta Gerwig, the Oscar-nominated director of Little Women and Lady Bird, is directing and writing the screenplay with her partner, Noah Baumbach.

The first look of Margot Robbie in the role of Barbie was shared in April, when she was seen posing in a pink convertible.

The film’s development began in 2009, but really took off last year when Gerwig agreed to take the reins. She told The Hollywood Reporter that she planned to defy expectations.

Barbie and Ken’s antics will have to be patiently awaited on July 21, 2023, when the movie will be released to know what they are up to.