Transforming Camera Toys : transforming camera toys

Canon announced a new partnership with the Transformers brand in order to create a line of transforming camera toys. The toys were designed through a collaboration with Takara Tomy, which has previously worked on creating hybrid transformer toy models. The Canon-branded toys will feature ‘Optimus Prime,’ the most recognizable Transformers character, as well as ‘Reflector’ a lesser-known character who originally transformed into a camera in the cartoons.

It is important to note that, while the toys will be able to transform from a seemingly realistic Canon camera into a mechanical humanoid-camera hybrid, the toys will not function as a genuine camera in either mode. According to Canon, these toys are based on the Canon EOS R5 model. The two toys are currently available for preorder in Japan with an official launch date set for September 28th, 2022.

Image Credit: Takara Tomy