Ukraine Supporters & Denial of Historical past

UN Settlement Ukraine 1994

I apologize, the proposal started in 1991 for Russia to affix NATO. However the last settlement was not in Belgrade however in Budapest. Historical past has been rewritten to assist the battle in opposition to Russia for local weather change. I’ve by no means seen any account of historical past that reviews NATO invited Russia to affix in 1991. Some persons are so pro-Ukrainian that it’s insane. They’re actually cheering for World Conflict III and little question believed in COVID, Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, and Hillary’s RussiaGate. They refuse to open their eyes to see that they’ve been performed for fools as at all times to justify battle.

So cheer all you need. This battle will NOT be confined to simply Ukraine you possibly can watch it on TV as whether it is some online game. Ukraine was the third largest nuclear energy. The US paid them to give up their nukes to Russia and so they in flip offered nuclear energy rods for electrical energy. James Baker warned about free nukes and Ukraine was one of many three republics that ended up with nukes. The distinction was, they wished to make use of them on Moscow. All my sources again they have been deeply involved that Ukraine simply couldn’t ever be trusted.

My coping with Ukrainians has at all times been to point out me the cash. Ukraine is a corrupt black gap. Historical past will present who’s on the precise and fallacious facet.

Good luck along with your hatred. Keep in mind, there’s a humorous factor about what we name karma. What you want on another person could also be what turns into your personal undoing. So don’t fear. Your hatred of Russia will finish that nation, however it is going to be a Phryic Conflict and no one will survive.

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