Video revealed by Jan. 6 committee shows Sen. Hawley fleeing Capitol violence

Sen. Josh Hawley, who raised a fist in solidarity with protesters at the Capitol on the morning of Jan. 6, ran from the violence later that day. Hawley’s flight was captured in photos and video presented at Thursday’s congressional hearing on the 2021 insurrection.

“He raised his fist in solidarity with the protesters already amassing at the security gate,” Rep. Elaine Luria (D-Va.) said. “We spoke with a Capitol police officer who was out there. She told us that Sen. Hawley’s gesture riled up the crowd, and it bothered her greatly, because he was doing it in a safe space, protected by the officers and barriers.

“Later that day, Sen. Hawley fled, after those protesters he helped to rile up stormed the Capitol,” she said, pointing to video showing Hawley bolting through the halls of the Capitol.