Wowwww Everyone Saying Wokey McBankFace Gave Black Lives Matter $73M Is A Goddamn Liar

We guess that is their try to make the halfwit “woke financial institution” lie extra mental racist. As a result of to enchantment to the varieties of people that vote for Republicans and eat rightwing media with the voraciousness of Ron DeSantis fingering a pudding cup, your speaking factors must make sense jam on the white supremacist G-spots inside their bottoms.

We first heard it on Tucker on Wednesday evening, so there’s an enormous shock. In the course of his fuckbonkers monologue, which was actually nothing greater than interactive bingo for these aforementioned G-spots, he mentioned that “in line with wonderful new evaluation from the Claremont Institute, Silicon Valley Financial institution — brace your self — spent greater than $73 million on donations to BLM and associated organizations.”

LOL “Claremont Institute.” There’s your first clue that is some absolute full-of-shit nonsense. OK really the primary clue was Tucker’s mouth was shifting and he was making these high-pitched yipyap sounds that all the time come out when he talks.

SEVENTY-THREE MILLION DONATIONS TO BLM! (And associated organizations asterisk shhhhhhh.)

Pals, does it make sense that Silicon Valley Financial institution donated $73 MILLION TO BLACK LIVES MATTER (and associated organizations asterisk shhhhh)?

That will be a really large sponsorship, in that case!

Anyway, this wasn’t simply one thing that was written on no matter Tucker had caught up his butt that evening. Your complete rightwing media has latched on. Donald Trump Jr. pulled the $73 million quantity out of his pants and performed with it on Twitter. On Fox Information, Jesse Watters mentioned Tuesday evening that Wokey McBankFace gave $74 million to BLM. He is additionally mentioned $75 million. (The quantity is leaping round a bit, which is okay, as a result of it is all lies.) Ainsley Earhardt repeated it on “Fox & Pals” on Wednesday morning. Larry Kudlow pegged it at $75 million. (Guess that was one of many WOKE ROMPINGS he is been accusing the financial institution of this week.)

All people on Fox Information mentioned it.

Look, a video.

Pals, would you wish to understand how a lot cash Wokey McBankFace donated to Black Lives Matter?

Zero {dollars}. The reply is zero {dollars}.

A number of websites have achieved intensive debunkings of how Claremont Institute put collectively its “wonderful new evaluation” that ended up manufacturing this faux mendacity quantity of donations for mendacity rightwing fascist pundits to piss into their followers’ receptive gullets. Josh Marshall has a superb one at Speaking Factors Memo. The hyperlink we posted above — and can submit once more proper now — from Judd Legum and his buddies at Common Data is intensive and detailed.

The important thing to the damned fucking lie is that it is together with “pledges to teams which are related to Black Lives Matter.” Wait, that is not the important thing to the lie. Wokey McBankFace gave all these associated orgs zero {dollars}.

The important thing to the damned fucking lie is that it consists of “organizations and initiatives that advance a number of points of BLM’s agenda.” And what are some points of BLM’s agenda? Effectively, Claremont says it is to — maintain on to your humorous bones for this one — “undermine capitalism, the nation state, and Western civilization.” These persons are such fucking shut-in bigots, Jesus Christ.

However that is not even how Claremont calculates it, as Legum explains. We’re simply going to repeat/paste you 4 paragraphs, as a result of it is not like we did the analysis:

In 2021, SVB made a pledge to spend $50 million over 5 years on an inner initiative referred to as Entry to Innovation. This system sought to attach girls, Black individuals, and Latinos with startup funding, networking, and management growth within the enterprise capitalist ecosystem. Integrating marginalized teams into the enterprise capitalist group looks like an odd technique to “undermine capitalism,” the aim of BLM, in line with the Claremont Institute. And because the program was to final 5 years, a lot of the cash has in all probability not been spent. Nonetheless, the $50 million represents greater than two-thirds of SVB’s alleged help for BLM.

The opposite main contribution by SVB that the Claremont Institute says was BLM-related was a $20 million donation “to help extra COVID-19 aid” and set up a “full-ride, needs-based College Scholarship program to college students at Arizona State College, Florida A&M College, Tulane College, and Xavier College.” (The $20 million represented the charges SVB collected for processing loans underneath the Paycheck Safety Program.) It’s unclear what COVID-19 aid and faculty scholarships need to do with BLM.

The Claremont Institute database additionally says that SVB spent one other $1.2 million on the Entry to Innovation program and $1.6 million on “causes supporting gender parity in innovation” in 2020. In response to the sources cited by the Claremont Institute, these expenditures really occurred in 2019. Additionally they haven’t any obvious connection to the BLM motion.

Rounding out the Claremont Institute database is a 2020 “2:1 matching marketing campaign for workers who donate their cash or time to social justice organizations, which raised practically $400,000.” The id of those teams shouldn’t be disclosed, however the Claremont Institute assumes they have to be associated to BLM. As well as, the database consists of $250,000 of donations from the SVB Basis in “company donations to the NAACP, ACLU, Nationwide City League and different organizations.” (These donations could overlap with the matching program.) The Claremont Institute considers the NAACP and the ACLU to be “BLM companions.” In actuality they’re two of the oldest and most revered civil rights and civil liberties organizations in the USA.

And that, buddies, is how the rightwing white supremacist sausage celebration lie is made. For those who’d relatively learn it in additional bite-sized type, Legum made a Twitter thread.

Why do they get away with this? As a result of Claremont and each rightwing piece of shit repeating the lie know with one hundred pc confidence that the idiots who get their information from them are too silly and gullible to examine the knowledge for themselves, and too racist to note the truth that THE LIE DOESN’T EVEN FUCKING MAKE SENSE. These morons have been shopping for “WOKE BANKS!11111!” this entire week, they’re the stupidest individuals in the whole world.

Keep in mind how the Dominion texts are exhibiting us how Fox Information knowingly and deliberately lies to its viewers for enjoyable and revenue?


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